2024 Yale AI in Medicine Symposium!

Discover how AI is transforming biomedical imaging, NLP, clinical applications, bioinformatics, and more. Engage in dynamic lightning talks, panel discussions, and a poster session that will enrich your understanding and network in the realm of medical AI. For more information, visit https://medicine.yale.edu/event/inaugural-ai-in-medicine-symposium-at-ysm/.

Dr. Xu attended the panel discussion titled "Generative AI in Medical Education, Basic Science, and Clinical Practice."

Our lab members presented the following oral presentations and posters.

  • Rethink Biomedical Literature Search and Visualization in the Era of Large Language Models – A Prototype Development. Huan He, PhD

  • Me LLaMA: A Suite of Large Language Models, Datasets, and Tools for Medical Application. Qianqian Xie, PhD

  • Clinical and Biomedical Named Entity Recognition Using Generative Pre-Trained Transformer Models. Vipina Keloth, PhD

  • Beyond Result Reporting on the Testing Set: Enhancing AI-Assisted Medical Imaging Diagnostic Workflow, External Validations, and Continued Training. Qingyu Chen, PhD

  • A Systematic Evaluation of Large Language Models for Biomedical Natural Language Processing: Benchmarks, Baselines, and Recommendations. Qingyu Chen, PhD